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1988 Starion Project Progress
8/2/2003 The Starion arrives! This has to be the best part of a project like this. Being able to look at the car as a "blank slate" and imagine the improvements that are planned. Click to view
8/10/2003 The Project Begins! With the engine's next to last breath, the car made it into the garage under it's own power! Now we can get some real work done. Click to view
8/17/2003 Work continues on the interior and under the hood. Sound deadener is the work of the devil. Click to view
8/24/2003 The stock drivetrain is removed from its happy home. Neon lights and JDM combat battle drift kit installed.  Just kidding. Click to view
8/31/2003 Undercar and underhood clean-up. Not for the squeamish. Click to view
9/7/2003 Interior Clean Up and Differential Removal. Click to view
10/20/2003 Parts! Starting to collect the parts needed to make the 4G63 swap possible. Click to view
12/20/2003 Roll Cage Install Part I The Starion goes under the knife in the name of driver safety. Click to view
2/14/2004 Roll Cage Completion The Starion sports a sturdy 12 point cage Click to view
3/28/2004 Parts, Parts and some more parts. The good stuff starts rolling in. Some assembly required Click to view
4/25/2004 Paintin' & Motorin' Progress on the paint job and we finally have an engine! Click to view
5/14/2004 Motorvation and More! A closer look at the engine assembly progress and some other goodies Click to view
6/9/2004 In one piece The car is all dressed up and ready to go! Click to view
Other Photos
Buschur Racing 1988 4G63 Conquest
Photos and videos of this cool car.
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Eric Plebani/Buschur Racing 4G63 Starion
Photos of the car that stormed into import racing and suprised quite a few people back in the day.
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1981 Dodge Challenger
Photos of the ultra rare Dodge Challenger. Did I mention this one is powered by a 4G63?
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