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9/7/2003 Interior Clean Up and Differential Removal

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After removing all of the sound deadening material (a.k.a. gooey tar crap) there was still a fair amount of cleaning needed. The tar left a residue and many small pieces behind. Here is a picture of the interior after cleaning all of this up.
Here's another angle of the clean floorboards.
This is why I went through all of that trouble. Removing the sound deadener with chisels and other sharp tools scratched though the paint in many areas. To keep any rust away and to give the interior a clean look, I covered it in dupli-color engine enamel.
I also got a fairly strong buzz from the fumes. Bonus.
Here's another shot of the painted interior. I also finished re-routing the chassis wiring after this photo was taken.
The axles in this car look pretty stout. While they are out, they'll be cleaned up and fully rebuilt. Here they are lined up with a passenger side axle from a front wheel drive DSM Turbo.

The Starion axles weigh 15 pounds each. The DSM axle in the picture weighed in at 12 pounds.
The differential carrier and torque tube put up a decent fight on the way out. The bolts probably hadn't been touched since the car was assembled. This car obviously spent a little time in the snow given the surface rust on parts like this. The torque tube weighed in at 14 pounds and the differential tipped the scales at 64 pounds. I'm sore.

The differential will have its stock 3.54:1 ratio ring and pinion gears removed in favor of the 4.22:1 ratio ring and pinion from the Mitsu Mighty Max/Dodge D50 truck.
I don't have a fancy garage loaded with the best tools out there. Heck, I don't even have an air compressor. If you're like me and need to budge bolts and nuts that don't want to cooperate, yet have no air tools, this is all you need. The Negotiator

The Negotiator is a born-again relic from a junked stock exhaust system. I've had this thing for years and time and time again, it gets me out of most any jam. I'm sure there's many uses that I haven't even discovered yet! I think one day I'll have it chromed or something.
Does anyone remeber Mr. Yuk?

If not, you missed out as a kid. The schools would use this thing as a propoganda tool to make kids believe that it was bad to drink household cleaners and stuff. Now you and I both know that all household cleaners are not bad for kids. If you've ever done shots of Mr. Clean or had Drain-O on ice, you know what I'm talking about.

Anywho, they would urge parents to put Mr. Yuk stickers on any items that they didn't want kids to ingest or even touch. I think my parents got carried away with it. I found Mr. Yuk stickers on everything. I mean, why would I find them on my Dad's porn collection? Well, in retrospect it was some pretty screwed-up porn. But I digress...

I am officially giving used gear oil the Mr. Yuk sticker for being the most pungent, disgusting worst-tasting auto fluid out there.