Project Starion
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8/2/2003 The Starion arrives!
This has to be the best part of a project like this. Being able to look at the car as a "blank slate" and imagine the improvements that are planned.
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Since the car wasn't able to travel from Orlando under its own will, it had to be towed. Here it is arriving in front of the house. I wonder what the neighbors think?

In a few weeks, I hope to get it in the garage when the real fun will begin.
These cars were loaded with stuff. Automatic climate control, power windows, mirrors, locks, pimped out stereo and lots more. I'm still trying to find the electric ass scratcher that I've heard so much about.
The interior is in decent condition for a car this age.
The stock engine currently has a massive hole in the side of it. Knowing that, I did what any guy would do...I tried to start it..and it ran!! Poorly, mind you, but I was able to move it under its own power.
I started cleaning in the back of the car. It was there that I found the chunky style soup in the spare tire well. It consisted of a quart of oil with all sorts of stuff swimming with it. After cleaning that mess, the car is smelling much better. Since it is a race car, I'll be removing most of the uneccesary electronics like the speed controller and complex ABS system.

All told I was able to remove 70 pounds worth of stuff from the rear hatch without even trying.
"You sunk my battleship!"
Swimming in the quart of mystery fluid was this little gem. I hope to find the rest of the pieces in the car. Who wants to play "Oily Battleship - Travel Edition?"